The Maturation Of Youth Against Society Essay

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The Maturation of Youth against Society
In literature, there is a format followed by many books depicting the young protagonist experiencing events and undergo maturation. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn written by Mark Twain is a novel about a young eleven year old boy named Huckleberry Finn who runs away from his abusive drunk father and stumbles upon another runaway slave, Jim. Together they seek freedom. In contrast, in Barbara Kingsolver 's The Poisonwood Bible, the Price family undertake a mission to bring the word of God to the Congo in Africa. They struggle to adapt living in a foreign place with a clashing culture as Reverend Price aims to impose his Christian faith on Kilanga. While the novels are set about a hundred years apart, both show events that elicits a change to prepare the protagonists for adulthood. When people are removed from their accustomed lifestyles and norms of Western society, it can lead to maturation and development of their character, morals, and a change of perspective.
In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Huck and Jim encounter many problems during their duration of journeying down the Mississippi River for freedom. The situations allow Huck to grow as a person by developing a conscience and they teach him multiple life lessons, such as when he lies and when his relationship with Jim is tested. Initially most of Huck 's lies have a purpose but are self-serving. As the story progresses they become more focused on helping others. Early…

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