Chateau Fight Analysis

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I have always been a huge fan of The Matrix so the chance to review it made me instantly jump on the chance to. While watching the Chateau Fight, I saw how the Wachowskis implemented many audio elements to create an awesome fight scene that ranks above many others. Sound is purposeful and if organized correctly adds a range of emotions as it fits towards the overall picture. In this follow up to the classic Matrix, Neo finds himself in the middle of things as the Sentinels are reaching Zion. As the clip progressed I saw the audio elements that are worth breaking down for education on the film process.
As opening clip of the movie progresses, it is obvious that the nonliteral sound is prevalent with the dramatic undertone music that emits through
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The hits are placed at times when the sound parallels and compliments one another, the total structure doesn’t become too predictable though which allows for the film to be crisp throughout. The continuity like mentioned with rhythm stacks up well and is on point throughout. Hits are correlated with sound effects with the overlying background music giving it the edge needed for an action film. The perspective of the sound gives the film the volume in respect to its position in space. As going off of this principle it can easily be seen that it moves the viewer to feel more drawn towards the scene as it encompasses the film attributes nicely.
Through all these audio elements in the Chateau Fight scene of The Matrix Reloaded we can observe how the Wachowskis put together this great scene and what mood he wants portrayed to the audience. The audio approach relies upon literal and nonliteral sounds to give the scene the sense of intensity when Neo fights the Merovingian 's henchmen. The outer and inner orientation complements each other nicely as the mood is altered by the timing and space in the scene Through these elements it allows The Matrix Reloaded the ability to be worthy of following in its predecessor’s

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