Essay on The Matrix Is More Than Just A Thought Experiment

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The Matrix, on the other hand, is more than just a thought experiment. It is a narrative that is judged aesthetically, and as such its success requires that its creators produce something that will captivate and engage an audience. Carroll has asserted that, narratives, far from being complete, have gaps which need to be filled by the audience. That is, creators of narratives do not spell-out every detail of the narrative, instead, narratives rely on the elicitation of moral emotions from an audience in order to be intelligible and aesthetically successful (Carroll 1996: 227-228). This would mean that the aesthetic success of The Matrix depended on its creators tactically evoking the appropriate moral emotions from viewers. I suggest that, if the film is taken to be making the philosophical objection that I claim it does, then the film-makers needed to create the specific narrative – around the premise that pleasure is not what is ultimately valuable – that they did, and this explains the differences between it and the scenario described by Nozick.

The most significant difference between Nozick 's scenario and The Matrix 's narrative is the starting place of the individuals who are faced with the concepts of the experience machine and Matrix. Although in Nozick 's example, individuals start outside the machine, those in The Matrix, like Neo, begin life in the Matrix. Neo 's subsequent choice to unplug from the Matrix to confront the real world would go against status quo…

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