The Matrix And Plato: The Idea Of True Education

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In the mind of philosophers, the idea of a true education is arguable. Throughout the centuries, multiple different philosophers produce a new concept of what true education is, for example, Plato and Descartes. Plato takes over Socrates work and keeps his legacy going in his writings. Additionally, the introducing of the idea of knowledge of the true forms and the necessity of knowledge of reality leading to a true self-knowledge. In the same way, “The Matrix” forces the main character, Neo to learn the reality which forces him to a true self-knowledge and an overall true knowledge of what he is presented with. Education as we know it is not true education in the philosophical form, but in fact is a sort of a “recollection.” The concepts brought up by both “The Matrix” and Plato leads the audience to understand what the true form of education is and how one is able to achieve the true self-knowledge by searching for …show more content…
In the twenty-first century human beings see education as the knowledge of math, English, sciences, and history. That is not the definition or idea of education to philosophers. Nevertheless, The Matrix and Plato open up the eyes of the audience, making them question, so what is true education? To have true self-knowledge, one must first be freed from the prison their mind is trapped in. This is seen in “The Matrix” when Morpheus and his crew open up the mind of Neo to see the true reality of his life. "I 'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You 're the one that has to walk through it” (The Matrix). The true form of education within the movie is the knowledge of the truth. Moreover, Plato’s proper form of education is also the knowledge of the truth and knowledge of oneself. While searching for self-knowledge one is learning about their soul in previous

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