The Mathematics, The Arts And The Sciences Essay

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There are many essays out there that depict this sense of admiration towards the complexities and elaborate vivid language structure of the English language. However, this isn’t the case for me. I can’t communicate any admiration towards a language that I can’t fully comprehend. It is fairly easy for me to write about how and why I adore the mathematics, the arts and the sciences. Everything is logical, there are rules which give structure, and it is abstract. I can imagine how the cells of an organism can divide, view the complexity of infinity, and see the purpose of an artists’ work and why everything in the art is put there. I don’t like to write a story nor do I like to read on my free time. I am a listener. When I listen I can view what I am learning I can imagine it in my mind. However, I can’t do that by reading in silence without reading out loud. I can’t write as well as I should because I don’t like it. I believe my dislike towards reading and writing goes way back when I first entered kindergarten. I remember the first day of kindergarten like it was yesterday. I was very nervous, but a tiny bit excited. The excitement was because I would be starting in a new school in a new country. I remember aweing at the new school, I thought I was in the rich part of town. In Santiago I went to two different schools. One was a half a mile from my aunt’s house. That school looked as if it was a haunted penitentiary. The second school I went in Santiago was slightly further…

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