The Mathematics Of Mathematics And Mathematics Essay

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Mathematics circles are professional development communities of 15-20 mathematics teachers and professors who meet regularly to work on multiple solution connecting tasks problems. According to the organization, being an active participant in a circle provides a powerful way to bridge a traditional educational divide as well as an opportunity for teachers to enrich their own experience of mathematics and for professors to share their enjoyment of mathematics while learning more about K-12 education. One way they claim to be bridging the gap is by encouraging teachers as mathematicians, and by connecting mathematics professors with K-12 education (See the Math Teachers’ Circle web site )
On the other hand, regarding the nature of instruction there has been an enormous amount of reform towards changing practice in mathematics teaching and several studies have shown that changing the nature of mathematics educator practice is ultimately what will affect our students performance at a greater scale. For example, in a comprehensive study/application of the concept based adoption model Tunks and Weller expressed the following:
Various reformers have called for “algebrafication” of the school mathematics curriculum. While a laudable goal, true algebrafication arises only when those ultimately responsible for instruction, the teachers, begin to see algebra as a way of thinking (2009).

Instructional practice reform minded educators have been called…

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