The Materials Of Organic Nano Materials Essay

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1.1 NANO MATERIALS The materials with any dimensional measurement less than 100 nanometers may be defined as nanomaterials. The sources of these materials can be natural or manmade and are broadly classified according to the organic and inorganic base elements. The commonly used organic nano materials are carbon nanotubes. The organic nanomaterials have high levels of biocompatibility flourishing their use in medicinal and pharmaceutical applications. The inorganic nanomaterials are made from materials like silver, silicon, etc which make them vulnerable for their large scale applications due to refined chemical, electrical, optical, mechanical properties. The Engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) are manufactured to meet the customized material properties. Nanomaterials have emerged as excellent electronic materials due to their ballistic electronic conduction, insensitivity to electro migration and nanoscale dimensions. They are widely used in FETs (Field effect transistors) and electro connects. Nanomaterials are used as electrodes in lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) making them vulnerable in energy applications field. Carbon fibres used in nanomaterials have superior mechanical properties for e.g. fifty times the specific strength of steel and are excellent load-bearing reinforcements in composites. The groups like NASA have also invested on resources to harness the use of nanomaterials in aerospace applications. Nano…

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