Essay on The Master Plan of Evangelism

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Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary

Book Review:

The Master Plan of Evangelism

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Dr. Ebele Adioye

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Intercultural Communication and Engagement GLST 650

Anthony Ashoori
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July 6, 2014
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Dr. Coleman could have written an all-encompassing and a prolonged book on the subject of evangelism like so many other authors, but because of his no-nonsense comprehensive writing style, he was able to provide rich insights into Christ’s discipleship style. I agree with Dr. Coleman’s view that evangelism is disciple making. This book contains many positive ideas regarding discipleship training. At the end of each chapter Dr. Coleman gives an explanation of how we can take the idea that he discussed in the chapter and apply it to our lives individually, or as a church. “Jesus devoted most of His remaining life on earth to these few disciples. He literally staked His whole ministry on them. The world could be indifferent toward Him and still not defeat His strategy.” Christ took these eight philosophies and not only adopted them Himself, but He taught them to His disciples. The Master Plan of Evangelism will encourage Christians to fulfill the mission of Christ which He called every Christian to do. Dr. Coleman did a great job in outlining how Christ chose and trained faithful men to evangelize the world. Dr. Coleman depicts Jesus as picking twelve men to mentor and train into disciples. He then wanted His disciples to reproduce the discipling principles in their lives in order to fulfill the mission of Christ around the world. This is the way Christ wanted to reach the world. Although He did not turn away the masses, He

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