The Mass Of Broadcast Journalism Essay

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Many aspiring Mass Communications majors find themselves intrigued and hopeful by the medium of Broadcast Journalism. Young students imagine themselves on television speaking to the public about the everyday happenings around the community. However, as other growing mediums emerge, Broadcast Journalism is a dwindling in viewership, especially with the younger generation. For my field research, I had the pleasure of interviewing Christian Schaffer. The newest co-anchor of Good Morning Maryland on ABC-2 News in Baltimore. Broadcast news is a medium that is thrilling, exciting, and fast paced. Schaffer took time out of his action filled day to allow me to interview him and get inside his everyday world of reporting and action.
Schaffer’s main responsibilities consist of delivering the news accurately and fairly, without any bias on the topics reported. One of his biggest challenges that he faces is delivering the news in an honest way. Often, delivering news without giving any opinion or facial gestures is very tough. Major television news anchors must remain neutral to avoid swaying public opinion. Schaffer also touched on how he strives to be entertaining and personable and deliver the news in such a way that gets people to continue watching day after day. When delivering broadcast news, there is a stress to maintain audiences due to the amount of competition from other news sources.
A typical day in the life for Schaffer is very busy and keeps him on his toes. He works on…

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