The Mass Killing On An Atrocious Scale Essay

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Democide; Redefined
I remember back to my younger days of history class, learning about ancient civilizations, kings, wars, and revolution. I learned about all of the genocides, massacres, and human slaughtering of many innocent people, with man always on a conquest for more land and power. This mass murdering has continued up until this very day, and is far more common than any type of war or revolution. But from I was told, history is recorded so in the future, we won’t repeat it. According to “Statistics of Democide: Genocide and Mass Murder Since 1900”, throughout the 20th century, almost 170 (possibly 360) million people have been murdered by their governments. These deaths approximate to almost four times those from civil and international wars (Rummel). The past communist nations of the U.S.S.R and China, plus Nazi Germany had the history of killing on an atrocious scale. Yet state sponsored murder is more common than people realize, and has transpired in all spheres of the world at one point or another. In Europe alone, besides Germany, democide has occurred in Cyprus, France (during German Occupation), Greece, Italy (during fascism period), Spain, Turkey (against Armenians and Kurds), and the United Kingdom (Ireland, Northern Ireland)” (Murder). What can be noted though is all democides recorded in history usually involved armed weapons, brute force, suffering, and torture. But democide may just be happening without anybody even realizing it, right in the…

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