The Mass Extinction On Earth Essay

1080 Words Oct 14th, 2016 5 Pages
The first activity that is contributing to 6th mass extinction on Earth is the “global homogenization of flora and fauna”. In case of the agriculture this means that the cultivation that was not naturally possible in some parts of the world now has become possible and this has led to homogenization of food. And this has been done with human intervention in the process of nature. This intervention has led to a huge pressure on existing ecological communities and further endangered extinctions. This process is not limited to only agriculture but can be seen in animal lives as well at a different level and for different reasons. The second reason that is leading us to the 6th mass extinction is that Humans have become the top predators on the planet. What this signifies is that not only on the land but also in the seas and oceans human beings have been hunting. We humans now consume almost 25% to 40% of the planets net primary production for its own use. Additionally, our reliance on the fossil fuel has meant that these sources have been depleted drastically and has affected the production of past which is part of the ecosystem we live in. Such actions have resulted in remodeling of the biosphere as well and which is very dangerous for the ecosystem. The third reason for this is that human beings have become a force that is altering the evolutionary process on the planet to meet its own ends. This has meant that we have tried to manage the ecosystems and the populations across…

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