Essay on The Masque Of The Red Death By Edgar Allan Poe

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Hundreds of people thought they were being isolated from a deadly contagion, but it had seemed to find another form of entrance. “The Masque of the Red Death”, was written by Edgar Allan Poe, a poet from the mid-1800’s, whose wife had tuberculosis. The short story begins with a lengthy description of the pestilence, which can be interpreted as tuberculosis, which infested the fictional country. In the story, the wealthy Prince Prospero chose to house a thousand of his friends, in order to keep them safe. The artistic home of the Prince has seven rooms, each decorated with a separate color. After five or six months of being sheltered from the contagion, Prince Prospero decides to throw a masquerade ball. As the party progresses, the large ebony clock in the black room chimes and on the twelfth chime, a new guest appears. The house turns silent as the ghost of the red death slowly walks through. The fearless Prince Prospero follows him since he thinks he and his guests are being mocked with the idea of death. The story then jumps to the prince lying in the black room, dead, and the masque of the red death now holds unlimited power over all. The prince, being the main character, holds creative traits that Poe purposely provides for the audience to analyze. Throughout the story, Prince Prospero is portrayed as a selfish, fearless and ingenious character.
Prince Prospero takes on the devious characteristic of selfishness, which Poe strongly incorporates in “The Masque of the Red…

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