Essay The Masque Of Red Death

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Throughout history people have been known to fear the unknown, why? Well we know what to expect, our minds are trained to use our past experiences to predict what will happen. But it doesn’t prepare us for death. In the short story, The Masque of Red Death by Edgar Allen Poe, Poe speaks of the Red Death as it brings complete and utter misery to all that it struck. As this plague is flowing throughout the country, a man by the name of Prince Prospero decided to attempt to cheat death. He along with a group of the most elite close themselves off in one of the Prince 's abbeys to try to wait out the death that lurked outside. Poe’s use of symbolism with his descriptions of the seven rooms and the giant clock to characterize the stages of life and how cheating death is impossible. He also uses imagery with the use of the colors black and red reoccurring throughout the story. However, the story does not relate to communism, as many people are lead to believe due to the “red death” correlation to plague in the story.
Early on in the story Poe discusses the seven rooms and what he is trying to symbolize as the stages of life. The first room with is the furthest to east is blue, which represents birth; the second room is purple exemplifying youth. The third room, green represents adolescence years, orange being the fourth representing adulthood. The fifth room, white depicting old age, the sixth room violet representing darkness and death, and the last room is described as death…

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