The Maslow 's Final Stage Essay

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People progress at different rates and have different ideas of what their ideal self is. The speed and time needed in which certain individuals satisfy their needs does not matter, but what does matter is that every person can classify themselves with a certain stage or level in their society. While some individuals may be satisfied with mediocrity, others may not feel the same, and therefore strive to compete for something higher. Maslow’s hierarchy, for example, has seven different stages where certain needs must be met (Weiten, Dunn & Hammer, 2014). I understand and am aware of caring for myself as well as understanding what I can achieve. I know what I am capable of as a person. I am not my complete ideal self at this particular moment, but I feel that I have already entered the stage of realizing my full potential as a person. The reason I believe I have already entered Maslow’s final stage is because I feel that I was given certain opportunities that most people were not given; however, that does not make me better than those people, but it allowed me to learn more about myself and what needed to be done in order for me to become satisfied with the person that I have and will become. When I was sixteen my parents and I decided that it was best if I went away to boarding school in New England so that my hockey career could flourish. Going through this experience at such a young age allowed me to learn things about myself that I would have never learned if…

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