The Masks Of Conrad Zdzierk

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As the Seattle Times reported in December of 2010, Conrad Zdzierk, a white polish man, used “hyper realistic” mask to disguise himself as a black man as he robbed several banks in Ohio. While the mask is realistic looking, the fact that he used this mask as a way to evade the police and cause another man to be arrested in his place is a horrible reality. I was unable to find a picture of the wrongly accused man to compare to the mask, but the fact that a mask caused an innocent man to be arrested is baffling. Regardless of how closely mask’s appearance resembled the man’s, that should not have led to the man’s arrest. Just because you look similar to someone who committed a crime does not mean you can be arrested just for how you look.
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Conrad Zdzierak eventually pleaded guilty to “one count of aggravated assault” and “five counts of robbery,” in which resulted in him being sentenced to up to 35 years in prison (Bernstein). Not only were twelve other charges were dismissed, the prosecutors did not try to indict Conrad Zdzierak for other crimes as well. This entire situation really frustrated me because not only did he only get a maximum sentence of 35 years, when there are plenty of people with third time misdemeanors who get life-sentences, but also there seemed to be no punishment for having caused another person to spend time in jail for a crime they did not commit. How is there not some sort of charge for that? Whether a punishment is to the police officers who arrested the man or the man of whom they thought he was, how can this man not get any justice for what happened to him? Not only is this not fair to do to the man, but I do not know what that man went through, and I cannot imagine this entire ordeal was easy for him. There should be something done to help this man because he was failed by not just the police officers, but he deserved better than this. As his lawyer put, he apologized to everyone for his actions and was sorry for what he did. Regardless if that is true or not, his actions still left an innocent man locked in

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