The Mask Black African American Women Essay

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Defining “The Mask” of Black African American Women

In the book of To Joy My Freedom it all began in the eighteen hundreds in the city of Atlanta. The Black women lived their life working on the field and as house slaves on plantations in antebellum cities that had been strictly under governed rules and regulations over which they had no control. “The black African American women were playfully constructing new identities that overturned notions of racial inferiority that could only be interpreted by white southerners” (Tera W. Hunter pg. 3). Through the experiences of working in labor, the African American women engaged in washing, cooking, cleaning, scrubbing, and mopping in exchange for pay. Being free people, the black African American women had to balance the low and high of living with the needs for growth, emotional sustenance, and collective cultural expressions. Between the years of eighteen sixty and eighteen seventy, Atlanta expanded and the black African American society increased doubling the city’s population in the spring after the Civil War ended. Black African American women took up majority of the enlarged population.
During the Reconstruction, “the African American women and men were willing to endure the adversities of food shortages, natural disasters, dilapidated housing, and inadequate clothing in postwar Atlanta because what they left behind in the country side, by comparison, was much worse” (Tera W. Hunter pg. 25). The African American society…

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