The Marxist Theory And The Industrial Revolution Essay

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In the 1800s, Europe, this was a huge economic change in society that would bring forth new political ideas. This change was the Industrial revolution. The revolution turned society from agriculture to industrialization, in other words it changed many countries form a third world country to a second world country. It brought forth the political and economic ideas of Communism, Capitalism, and Socialism. Along with these ideas it brought forth many political and economic theories. The large change from a third world country to a second world country was a crucial ingredient in the creation of capitalism, socialism, and communism within the society.
The industrial revolution created many political ideas and theories. One of the most famous theories was the Marxist theory. The Marxist theory was created by a man named Karl Marx. Karl Marx was a German philosopher and revolutionary Socialist. Within his theory was the idea that capitalism needed to be replaced by socialism. He thought this because the lower class workers were not treated rightly. During the time, industrial countries were very capitalist within the work force. Marxist concluded that one social class has a direct influence on one’s life experiences and life chances. This was the bourgeoisie (upper class/factory owners) basically controlling the proletarian (lower class/workers) way of life. When the revolution started, the bourgeoisie created factories. The revolution made it so agricultural life started to die…

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