The Marxist Philosophy Of Marxist Tradition Essay

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The main method of social analysis that is depicted in Marxist tradition is philosophy. Marxist tradition finds that in order to do social analysis and understand societies, one needs to approach them with a historical or dialectical materialist standpoint. Two Marxist thinkers who contemplate over how to properly practice analyzing societies are Mao and Althusser. In this paper I m going to show how both Mao and Althusser approached using social science in order to better analyze societies. I am also going to contrasts the two theories and discover which theory maintained more connectedness to Marx’s dialectical materialism. I conclude that although both philosophers had very compelling arguments, I find Mao to be more in line with Marx’s dialectical materialism and I find Mao’s argument to be stronger.
Mao and Althusser envision the practice of properly analyzing societies very differently. Mao states that in order for people to know that they have real knowledge of any subject (including society), they have to have achieve expected results in a social practice (Mao, 54). In other words, on needs to put theory into practice mutliple times to determine a truth. So to properly analyze societies, social practices have to take place, only engaging in theoretical works is not enough for Mao, to properly analyze or understand any kind of subject. According to Althusser, the practice of properly analyzing societies should involve: analyzing from the point of view of…

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