Essay on The, Marxist And Realist Paradigms

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With globalization shaping world events, states have become more interdependent on each other on economic, policy, and trade which have resulted in international organizations such as the World Trade Organization to become important players on economic and policy making processes in sovereign states. This web of interdependence has in some ways yielded undesirable effects that are detrimental to the sovereignty and economic wellbeing of nation states. This paper will look at the impact(s) the WTO has had economically and policy wise in countries that are transitioning from a centrally controlled economy and to the open market one. Using different contextual lenses, key issues will be analyzed and argued through the Constructivist, liberalist, Marxist and realist paradigms. The World Trade Organization is a body comprising of 153 member states that was established in 1995 with for the purpose of liberalizing agricultural and service sectors and protecting intellectual property rights of member states (Pease, 2012, p.162). This institution is supposed to facilitate trade by passing laws that settle trade disputes and has the powers to enact and review state policies in order to check on states that are non-compliant to its regulations in which case sanctions could be issued to a non-compliant member (Pease, 2012, p.162). This might not necessarily be interpreted as being a good thing because in doing so, it interferes with the sovereignty of independent states, but by…

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