The Marvel Of Marvel Entertainment Essay

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Marvel Entertainment is now a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, but it was not always this way. Marvel Entertainment got its start a long time ago, back in 1939, when it was founded by Martin Goodman, a New York pulp magazines publisher. However, back then, the company was not known as Marvel Entertainment, or even Marvel Comics, but rather as, Timely Publications (TIMELINE). In 1939, Goodman was convinced by a sales manager at comic book company by the name of Funnies Inc., that comic books were a venture he should invest in. Funnies Inc. gave Goodman a superhero, a man-fish-hybrid called the Sub-Mariner, and let him give it a go.
In October, Goodman published his first release, Marvel Comics No. 1., which featured both The Sub-Mariner and future Fantastic Four member, The Human Torch. The comic sold for ten cents a piece and was a huge success. Goodman decided that yes, comics were a business he would like to get into, and that same year began his own one man business, Timely Publications. With the formation of the company, he also began putting out two new series of comic books; Daring Mystery Comics and Mystic Comics (Marvel). 1939 was also the year that a young Stanley Lieber, more famously known as Stan Lee, was brought on as an assistant for the company. However, as any Marvel fan knows, this position would not last long and Stan Lee would eventually go on to become not only a very popular artist for the company, but the Stan Lee that we all know and love. He…

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