The Martian

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The film we studied was The Martian directed by Ridley Scott. The three main points I will be elaborating more on is the ‘positivity’ of Mark Watney, the ‘Responsible leader’ of Commander Lewis and the ‘Intelligence’ of Benjamin Vogel. These are the 3 important qualities which lead to the successful rescue of Mark Watney. I believe that these are the 3 most important qualities found throughout the film, and they will be the ones i will use to construct my essay. Using them to emphasise the the message conquering adversity.

Mark Watney was stranded on a planet where nothing can survive. However he succeeded in planting his own food, making his own water, and communicating to NASA. A quality that I found in him, was his positivity. He didn’t
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The call was directly Commander Lewis’. So when Ares 3 learnt that Mark Watney was still alive, she without hesitation U turned to save her team-mate. If it was not for her responsible leadership, there will be 5 bodies found in space. When commander lewis gave the call for her to go retrieve Mark Watney instead of her fellow team-mate. She knew the consequence of risking a member’s life, so she did not want it to happen again. She risked her own life to save a member who was unintentionally left on Mars . This is what struck me in awe. A brave man would have saved himself , but an even braver man would have thought about the safety of others before himself. Therefore, my perspective of Commander Lewis is that she is a brave, responsible leader. The reason behind the author involving a female leader into the characters was to emphasize a female in a dominant position because in this world women are treated as a minority in most cultures and religions, so i feel the intent of placing a female leader was to show how society would or could be in terms of gender equality. The theme learnt here is that women should be placed on a pedestal next to men instead of being degraded. The quality of Commander Lewis that made her standout was not only that she was a female, but she was a responsible individual who chose to work with a team, and knew the consequences of her …show more content…
There were many qualities that helped highlighting the key message: That teamwork makes lighter work, that perseverance and positivity in the darkest tunnel can light your way out of that tunnel or problem, and that knowledge plays a big part in being successful. I believe that each and every quality had a purpose in the film. In this world and age, things are alway given to us- the youth. Things such as food, water, shelter and money. We are alway spoon-fed and we become dependant on parents , teachers and family. The intent of the director was to reveal qualities that each and everyone of us should have- positivity and perseverance like Mark Watney, knowledge like Vogel and a responsible leader like Commander Lewis. This concludes my essay , the main theme I have learnt throughout this film is that to conquer our fears we must face them with the fact that we could possibly fail, but we need to try and keep our head

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