Essay about The Marti Hard Or Soft Science Fiction?

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The Martian: Hard or Soft Science Fiction? A popular interest among science lovers today is an interest in Mars, possibly because we are becoming much closer to being able to send people there. One of the most popular, and most recent, works regarding Mars is The Martian, a novel by Andy Weir that later was adapted to film by Ridley Scott. The main story is that astronaut and botanist, Mark Watney, is abandoned on Mars by his crew after being struck by flying debris in a large sandstorm. There, he must figure out how to survive on Mars with limited supplies until a rescue mission can make it back to him. There are many bumps along the way such as communicating with people so they know he is alive, figuring out how to grow food, fixing broken equipment, traveling to where the rescue ship will pick up Watney, and much more. The book as well as the film both include lots of scientific jargon that sounds correct, but is it? Is The Martian hard or soft fiction? After understanding what hard and soft fiction are and analyzing the science included in The Martian, it can be concluded that it is hard science fiction due to the film’s mostly accurate depiction of the facts. First, before looking at the science involved in The Martian, it is important to understand the difference between hard and soft science fiction. In Gary Westfahl’s article “’The Closely Reasoned Technological Story’: The Critical History of Hard Science Fiction” for Science Fiction Studies, he examines this…

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