The Marriage Of Arranged Marriage Essay

1658 Words May 12th, 2016 7 Pages
“How is it possible to marry a stranger?” asked a woman who accompanied Mr.Shad Imam on his flight back to America.The very question has popped up in his a mind few years back, but now almost 6 years into his marriage, he cannot imagine being with somebody other than his wife selected by his parents. Just like Mr. Shad Imam, there are plenty of young people in the world whose acceptance of arranged marriage has restored the traditional values and customs back to the modern society.Although the western cultures may frown on the idea of an arranged marriage, the young generation has opted to remain neutral to the concept of marriages; they seem to evaluate the benefits of arranged marriage without excluding its possibility at true romance.Our mentality towards arranged marriages depends on how much we trust and value the decisions of our parents; arranged marriages may seem bizarre at first, but it can actually provide a chance at romance with someone who is guaranteed to spend lives together unlike temporary romantic relationships that ends up in heartbreaks.Therefore, the holy institution of arranged marriages must not be limited, as parents deserve the right to choose whom they would like for their sons and daughters. Everybody can romanticize about the idea of true soulmates and perfect fairy tale resembling life stories but in reality, not everybody can become successful in their infatuation driven unrealistic relationships.Even at a very young age, people are exposed…

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