The Marriage Between China 's Lgbt Population Essay

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The formality marriage relationships documented in this study all included four stages: 1): Men Dang Hu Dui 2): partnership, 3): friendship, 4): kinship (as shown on model 1: formality marriage developing model in Chinese guanxi society). Even though nowadays homosexual people have all the freedom and rights to choose their future husband/wife and register for the same sex marriage in many nations. China’s LGBT Population is another scenario, due to the same sex marriage have not achieved recognition in law and complicated social-cultural barriers in China, such as the expectation of marriage as a cultural and familial obligation, filial piety, maintenance of family offspring and other social-cultural norms (Coleman & Chou, 2013). Although the Formality marriage is a rather controversial practice since it violates the core element of marriage-based on love and many other unknown risks may incur. The phenomenon reflects a deeply traditional culture that demands young people to get married and have children to continue the family line when coming to their marriage age. Some of LG choose formality marriage rather than deceptively marrying a heterosexual partner or become a center of discussion by not marrying. Compared to the other alternatives, it offers a compensated way to balance the pressures from different aspects (Liu, 2013). From this research, it implies that the marriage practice in formality marriage is a complicated issue. It is not a simple partnership…

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