The Marlow Side: The Strenke On My Mother's Side

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hen I traced back on the Ofelt side, as you already know the side originated in Sweden. Nels Ofelt was the actual person who emigrated from Sweden to Minnesota. As for the Strenke on my dad’s side (Charles Ofelt), I traced back to Prussia. Prussia was a nation of modern day Poland, East Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, and Russia. The Marlow side came from England in the 1700’s. The Strenke side on my mother’s side (Brenda Ofelt) originated from Germany. Turns out my family were incorrect with our ancestry. My ancestors did not originate from what we previously thought. A common misconception with me is that I have four siblings. Unfortunately, for my parents, three of them are dead. Two died about three days apart and the other was premature birth and died soon after. The deaths of my siblings …show more content…
Another favorite of mine was the time when Bob Moravitz and Dan Helling drove a Volkswagen car through the hallway they left tire marks everywhere. Back then the doors did not have a pole in the center, therefore they were able to drive a car right through it and do circles around the high school and drive out. Swede Anderson, the police chief back then was dumbfounded of who did that, a few years ago when we were talking about pranks pulled back then, my dad told him who did it. One time my dad chucked an apple at a chalkboard so hard it exploded close to the teacher’s head, she was a crabby old woman anyway. I asked my dad why he did it and he said, “It seemed like the right thing to do”, again, no one would snitch on other people. There was a German teacher and her nickname was Hitler, she got the name because she is German and strict, I am unsure of the pranks pulled on her, but she retired the same year she taught my dad. When my dad went to small engines class in Cumberland, they threw water balloons at cars passing by. These balloons thrown would break in the windshields of cars, but they did not

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