New Testament Jesus Characteristics

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The New Testament records the timeline of the early first century about a man by the name of Jesus who claimed to be the Messiah "Son of God". Jesus ' coming was through the calling of offering eternal salvation through the faith and grace of God 's mercy. The establishment of the early church covenant was offered to all who believed and desired to understand God and his will. The writers of the books of the New Testament intended to for the Scriptures to be serviceable to all followers of Christ. The New Testament provides the characteristics of Jesus and his marking of influence, giving all believers an introduction of who "God the Father" was, is, and will be in the formation of faith.

0. In The Name of Jesus****

1.**Thinking of the significant names that Jesus endures, provides us with the indication of characteristics of who our Lord Jesus is. Every name he maintains is a role within the aspect of his identity. All the "names" and "titles" of Jesus are withheld through the support of his great name. Although the provision of Jesus is transparent through an abundance of stampings,
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"The apostles and other teachers, gifted by the Holy Spirit with a diversity of talents, provided leadership." P.33**(the story of church book) The early Christian church had tremendous success in thier development of ministry due to the acceptance of diverse followers (men, women, children, different social, racial and religious backgrounds) all willing to overlook the difference of one another and formulate a friendship through Christ and obey by the commandments of God (Mark 12:29-31). "His view of righteous living emphasized inward motivation as opposed to outward show." P.142 (school book) The early Christian community transformed the concept of relationships and the precipitation of life, successfully uniting the flame of God 's fellowship of love and

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