The Marketing Techniques Of Advertising Essay

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A vast percentage of teenagers find that one of the leading origins of depression is popularity. The feeling of popularity can be very overwhelming; furthermore, peer pressure can arise from popularity. With such huge downfalls to popularity, that quality can still be quite attractive. Having a lot of friends and being connected to something bigger than oneself can make people feel better about life. Marketers bring in prodigious clientele when they use popularity to their advantage in their advertising campaigns. This effect is known as the “bandwagon” and is the most-used advertisement ploy in print ads. The use of this marketing approach is everywhere in this Coca-Cola advertisement; however, specific techniques are highlighted in this publication. Looking over the techniques that advertisers use will help readers be more fluent in advertisers’ manipulations that help them sell their products. These manipulations can be from promising an unrealistic ideal to provoking an emotional connection or even just using the bandwagon effect; however, the Coke advertisement has many more marketing techniques than just those aforementioned intertwined within itself.
The use of promising unrealistic ideals is very upfront in the Coke advertisement. The Coke advertisement places a bold white-and-red lettering to the phrase “All The Cool Kids are Drinking Coke!”; this emphasis on joining a social group based on what you choose to drink is an unrealistic idea. Even so, using this…

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