Essay about The Marketing Strategy Of The United States

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Kellogg’s has become a trusted brand of breakfast and snack foods worldwide with over 180 countries selling different products and having manufacturing plants in 18 countries (“A Whole World of Wholesome”). One popular treat that doubles as a breakfast and a snack food is the Pop Tart. Pop Tarts have been a top-selling product in the United States and are also popular in the other countries where they are available: Canada, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, and the United Kingdom. Pop Tarts have proven to be the most successful in the United States, but it seems to be time to try them in a new environment that will be open to the highly American snack. South Korea would be a good place to be testing the product in the Asian market. Kellogg’s already has a manufacturing plant in the country and many products have already become extremely popular since the company took root there in the 80s. Special K has become a top cereal brand in the country and Kellogg’s as a whole has proven marketable in the country with both their breakfast items and their snack foods. With Kellogg’s already having a strategic alliance with Nong Shim Foods and local manufacturing plant in the country, moving the actual product of Pop Tarts into South Korea should be fairly simple. South Korea is a very healthy country and some minor alterations to Pop Tarts may have to be made. While many Pop Tart flavors contain real fruit and various vitamins and minerals, there may be some added…

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