The Marketing Strategy Of Kotler And Keller Essay

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Ironman, although arguably a unique product, will be entering a highly competitive and matured market and therefore will have to be very strategic before entering the market. As Kirkland (2009) suggests, Arimount will need to know what they selling by clearly defining the uniqueness of the product and what it will in fact offer the customer in comparison and contrast to current competing products. Arimount will need to develop a branding strategy that will develop not only product recognition, but also customer loyalty. Kotler and Keller (2012) suggest that Ironman can become one of Arimount’s most valuable intangible assets of the firm to the likes of Nike, Mercedes, Apple, etc., if marketed correctly. Because Arimount will enter into a market with 83 percent being controlled by the 4 largest manufacturers, Arimount will market specifically to its target audience and not attempt to overtly compete with the largest companies.
Arimount’s intent is to produce a product that will target a specific target market: active males and females between the ages of 13 and 50 who regularly participate in athletics or other fitness activities, or are engaged in jobs that will expose them to higher temperatures (outdoor or manufacturing) where perspiration is common. This product may also be used outside of the target demographic to take the place of “clinical” style deodorants which contain higher concentrations of chemicals that reduce perspiration, albeit for shorter periods of…

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