The Marketing Process Of Advertising Essay

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Advertising plays a significant role in today’s marketing process. The development of information technology has reached a new height than ever before and the social media environment we living in helps the advertising easier to achieve publicity. For advertising, the thoughtful strategy planning and decisions are very important, as well as mainly focuses on the following five areas. First of all, Advertising Objectives could be the primary area for the advertising strategy decision and it is the primary purpose that advertising wanted to achieve. The definite and circumspect decisions are advertising objectives required, because it is important to do with the overall layout of corporations. According to Perreault & Cannon (2010): “Every ad and every advertising campaign should have clearly defined objectives. These should grow out of the firm’s overall marketing strategy and the promotion jobs assigned to advertising” (Perreault & Cannon, 2010, p450, para3). Therefore, the advertising objectives are the overall goals for corporations when they decide to use advertising campaigns to achieve good effect. The second area is Target Audience, it refers the specific consumers or groups that corporations and advertising agency wanted to reach. For marketing managers, whether or not to reach target audience successfully is what they should consider on the advertising when they make strategic decisions and planning. The third area is types of advertising, these types mainly…

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