The Marketing Of Manipulative Advertising Essay

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Marketing is the directing of business concept according to the consumers point of view, and at the same time shedding light on the business goal of a company. Manipulation through advertising is an issue that consumers face on regular basis (“Manipulation: Theory and Practice” 87-90”). This practice distracts the marketing missions of companies, which are meeting the needs of customers. Consequently, it widens the power between consumers and the companies. Manipulative advertisements are difficult to factor out because of their controversial nature and content, enhanced by techniques, stimuli and mechanisms employed. Proving a manipulative advertising depends on observing principles through which companies advertise in areas where they are, and the possibilities of consumers finding mutual interests and mutual goals.
The first technique in manipulative advertising consists of company knowledge of purchasing powers and is capability of influencing it. Persuasion is another technique, in which adverts focus on persuading consumers to consume or utilize certain products or services, for them to derive certain benefits, creating a feeling of loss in case of failure to consume the product. This is a concept of bad arguments in a bid to realize emotional persuasion on the consumer. The third technique employed is deception, through which facts advertised are not true, are misleading or are blatantly untrue in promoting a product. Here, facts may be false, or true, and some…

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