The Marketing Goals And Goals Of Woolworths

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The main aim of developing a marketing plan is to give a path to the company so that it is able to achieve and accomplish the goals set by the organization. The main aim is to promote the products and services to the customers. Marketing objectives are the marketing strategies to achieve the overall objectives of the organization. Marketing objectives include increasing product awareness among the targeted group of customers (Armstrong et al. 2014). Woolworths marketing objective and plan is based on four strategies recently that are:
• Expanding leadership in food and liquor.
• The second strategy is to maximize the value of shareholders.
• It aims at tracking the path of the business towards the growth.
Marketing objective includes strategic
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The mission statement of Woolworths is to win the heart of entire community that includes kids, home and family leisure. Woolworth places customers at first place. Its main aim is to increase customer satisfaction. It aims at providing the best ever range of products, services, price, value and quality to its customers. It also aims at maximizing its profit. It aims at providing the best shopping experience ever to its customers (Woolworths Online 2016). The aim is to provide best quality products so that the company is able to create a unique brand name among its competitors. Its aim is also to provide the goods at cheap price. The company concentrates on delivering the best services as customers are its priority. Its vision is to think out of the box and provide new products to its customers. The company also aims at providing green products that are eco and environmental friendly so that it is able to build a better future for the upcoming generation. The main three principles on which its strategy is based are growth, core values and efficiency that include increasing and improving the customer satisfaction. The company places its customers in top priority (Charlton et al. …show more content…
A good marketing plan is based on proper market research. It also depends on focusing on the right products and marketing mix. The marketing strategy should depend on the goals and objectives of the organization so that it makes the organization achieve its targets. It is essential to analyze all the internal and external factors that affect the business before making any marketing strategy. There are various tools such as Pestle analysis to analyze the external macro environmental factors that affect the business. Pestle analysis analyzes the political, technological, social, environmental and economical factors that affect the business. Conducting competitor analysis is also necessary to form proper marketing strategies. Customer analysis and forming target is important as the organizations know whom to supply the product (Hammond et al.

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