The Marketing Concept In The Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

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The marketing concept has been defined as “the philosophy that firms should analyse the needs of their customers and then make decisions to satisfy those needs, better than the competition.” (NetMBA, 2010,

Marketing is identifying your target market, then ensuring the needs of the target market are met in a way that gives your organisation a competitive advantage. Once your target Market has been identified, this can then assist in identifying your target audience “a well defined group at whom the product is aimed”. Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group (MOHG), including the hotel where I work, which is the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Hyde Park London (MOLON), is marketed as a high-end brand of luxury and indulgence
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“In today’s competitive business setting, an organisation cannot successfully operate simply using a product and, or sales concept on its own. Marketers recognise the significance of the philosophy behind marketing concept, and recognise its role to achieve corporate goals through customer satisfaction” (Chigozie, 2007).
Considering the above, the way Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group markets its services, distributes products and sells rooms is changing.
“To succeed in today’s competitive world, the Group has made significant investments in the skills and infrastructure needed to market the individual hotels globally.
The greatest area of the marketing concept is to establish a relationship with guests and to create a stronger affinity between the guests and the brand Mandarin Oriental.
To achieve these objectives, key initiatives have been introduced:
- Centralise all global hotel guest data to come to a better understanding of

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