Essay The Market Analysis Of The Waikato Region

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The Market analysis
A market analysis consists of research about the current market. Companies are interested in market analysis 's because they help the company understand the type of customer they should be targeting based on their research. During my market analysis of the Waikato region I will be discussing international and domestic visitors, visitor expenditure, the purpose of travel and Emerging Markets.
There are more domestic travellers compared to international travellers as there were 661,000 (7.7%) in 2009 of total visits to the Waikato region generated by international visitors and 7.916 million of domestic visits in 2009. The share of total visits generated by domestic visitors is 92.3%. The total visitor expenditure for the Waikato region was $752 million in 2009 which is average compared to the Coramandel region that had $282 million visitor expenditure or compared to the Rotorua region which had $1.034 million visitor expenditure. The top origin of domestic travellers travelling to the Waikato region include; Auckland, bay of plenty and Waikato. The main origin of international travellers going to the Waikato region include; Australia, United Kingdom and China. There are more domestic day travellers compared to international day travellers as domestic day travellers consist of 73.6% travellers. Domestic overnight travellers consist of 18.7% of travellers. International overnight travellers consist of 3.9% of travellers and international day travellers…

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