The Mark of the Beast Essay

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Short Story Outline

Title: The Mark of the Beast
Author: Rudyard Kipling
Setting: Colonial India during the late nineteenth century, New Year’s Eve
Character(s): Fleete (main character), Kipling (author, narrator), Strickland (friend)
Point of View: Narrator

Central Conflict the protagonist is facing:
He got drunk and desecrated the temple of Hanuman the Monkey God by putting out a cigar on the ape’s forehead. A Leper Priest (a “Silver Man”) then bites Fleete on the breast, and he is warned by a second priest that the incident is not over yet. It soon became clear that Fleete is affected by the bite, and he craves for flesh and howls like a wolf. A doctor believes that he contracted rabies but his friend believes otherwise that
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The atmosphere has changed and a second priest told his friends to bring Fleet away and warned him that it’s not “over” yet.

Fleete began to show signs of abnormality as he started with violently shivering fits and sweating. As he was sleeping, he was also scratching his chest as he turned unwell and abused the cook for more undone chops. The pink mark on his chest has also turned black since morning. He was hungering for more undone chops, bloody and raw. The horses didn’t like Fleete one bit either, as they went mad with fear as soon as he came near. By dinner time, Fleete was groveling in the dirt, and went to his room unlit, howls were heard as his friends were scared, but they were his friends no matter what, so they were determined to help him. As they went to his room, Fleete was already climbing out a window, and he was not himself anymore but a beast inside out. Strickland and Kipling pinned him down and called a doctor, who could not do anything but say it’s an incurable disease (Hydrophobia).

However, Strickland knew it was not a normal disease, but he suspected it has something to do with the “Silver Man”. So they planned a kidnap of the “Silver Man” and forced him to turn Fleete back to normal. A touch was all that was needed and his friends could

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