The Marine Corps And Myself After Essay

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Myself Before the Marine Corps, and Myself After
(Item to Item)

Before I had joined the Marine Corps I was much different than I am now. During high school it was as if I was sleep walking through my entire life. I had no ambitions, and I had now worries. A worry free life might be what some people are looking for, but I found that I lacked responsibility and discipline. During school I would either sleep or simply ignore the instructor, my attention to detail was completely nonexistent. I sat by and watched as all of my friends started on the road to self-actualization and became young adults. In truth, during this phase of my life I thought I was already the man I wanted to be, only after the Marine Corps did I find out that this man was not a man at all. I am a much different man after joining the Marine Corps than I was before. After joining the Marine Corps I am much more independent that I was before. I am able to set a schedule, and stick to it, to the letter. Before the Marine Corps I often missed things, or forgot about them. Sometimes I would try to get out of chores with sly excuses and lies. Now I understand what I need to get done and I do it to the fullest extent. Now that I have attained the independency of joining the Marine Corps I am able to set clear goals for myself, like applying and going to college, before the Marine Corps I found it hard to do anything without someone reminding me multiple times that I needed to get the task done. After join the…

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