The Marijuana Controversy Essay

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The Marijuana Controversy

The General perspective that society throws on marijuana is that equal to any drug; negative. However, many researchers have found that the effects of marijuana for medicinal purposes can be beneficial to the right patients, as well as the United States government. The negative effects from marijuana use in a medicinal environment are far less than that of most over the counter drugs, while the benefits remain the same. There are instances in which marijuana was legalized for people with prescriptions from licensed doctors; however, full legalization is leaps and bounds away from the current status. Another way full legalization could help is money the government uses to try and fight marijuana
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22). Marijuana is a very powerful drug against many illnesses. This just helps prove that there is a high demand and a constant need for the medicinal purposes of marijuana. Marijuana is highly abused and it does have negative effects. It can have a negative impact on short term memory, concentration, attention span, motivation, and problem solving, this goes to show that marijuana hinders learning abilities (American Academy, 2004). There have also been reports of side affects from over the counter drugs that equal and out weigh those of marijuana. One argument by the Nation Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws (NORML) "no one has ever died from an overdose of marijuana but that 50,000 Americans die from alcohol poisoning and another r400, 000 die from cigarette smoking every year (Murillo, 2005). In knowing this why not legalize marijuana and make cigarettes and alcohol illegal? Many would argue that they too should be illegal, but due tot the historical acceptance of them it would not be a feasible goal (Murillo, 2005) There is on e big problem with marijuana that can be solved. Its contribution to terrorism, Asa Hutchinson, United States Drug Enforcement Administration Chief is " convinced that profits from illicit drug sales in the United States are being used

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