The Many Faces Of Alice Essay example

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The Many Faces of Alice
Alice Lee Hudson, while technically not the main character of her featured film, is the primary subject of which the movie is based around. Surprisingly enough, John Carpenter’s The Ward stars everyone but Alice as the women of North Bend Psychiatric Hospital fight for their lives against an unknown demonic entity. As each of the girls begin disappearing from their ward one by one, it is revealed that the aforementioned entity is actually Alice and that the other patients are nothing but delusions representing the various pieces of her fractured personality. The main problem Alice faces from the experiences depicted in the film is her ability to remain in control of her own body, ultimately finding herself overpowered and smothered by her alternate selves. Not much is known about her family, other than they were the ones to check her into the hospital, but it is known that they are not the cause of Alice’s mental illness. Brought about by childhood trauma, especially when considering the type of trauma she suffered, it does not come as much of a surprise how quickly the personalities turn violent against others and even themselves. Kidnapped, chained up, and physically abused as a young child has left Alice confused and broken. Unable to cope her psyche fractured into seven distinct pieces including her core personality in order to protect the mind and come to terms with the traumatic event. Ultimately, this fracturing ends up causing more strife…

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