The Manifesto Of The Communist Party Essay

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A Review of the Manifesto of the Communist Party Before I write the review of the actual text of the manifesto, there is a few thoughts, questions, and ramblings that I would like to use as a preface to the actual review. First, there seems to be a repulsion in some western, and strongly capitalistic, societies to actually engage in the task of understanding thought that is foreign or different from the prevalent thinking. This seems to be the case when speaking about Marxist and/or Communist/Socialist style political and philosophical theory. Right from the name of the pamphlet, The Communist Manifesto, there is an inclination that it should be avoided, or that it is in someway evil because of the word “Manifesto”. It would be very interesting to trace the etymology of the word “Manifesto” and find out if The Communist Manifesto had a part in the negative connotation of the word as it is used today. Next, I am completely convinced that there are people that accept the lifestyle/class that they are a part of as just the way things are. The scream from the highest mountaintop extolling the values of a capitalist lifestyle yet, they have very little knowledge about actual theories of capitalism. In addition, the little they do know about communism, to make as a contrast to capitalism, seems based on what they have been told or heard. Very seldom is it actually the comparisons and contrast of the theories of capitalism and communism that are talked about. Mostly it is…

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