The Manifest Destiny Of The United States Essay examples

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During the nineteenth century the United States believed that they had to fulfill a call from god which demanded them to spread west socially, politically and economically. This was later known as the Manifest Destiny which brought the United States a huge amount of territorial growth for the nation. However, many people did not approve of the Manifest Destiny. Like many other people the Native Americans believed it was just a way for the United States to spread slavery and some democrats like Fisher Ames believed that expansion in The United States will not “even maintain forms; and as to principles, the otters would as soon obey and give them effect”(Greenberg 55). Democrats believed the Manifest Destiny would lead to the end of the United States. In my opinion I believe that the Manifest Destiny could be best defined as an excuse for the United States to conquer territories, spread slavery and the growth of people’s opportunities. I believe the Manifest Destiny should be seen as a positive force in history because it did not just benefit the United States, it also benefited other countries. Also because although they did not do some things the right way it showed how rapid a nation can grow and how strong a nation can become in a matter of time.
One of the reasons that could best define Manifest destiny will be that they used it as an excuse in order for Americans to expand their territories. According to David M. Fletcher in his article Manifest Destiny he states that…

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