Essay The Mandaya Tribe

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I. Introduction
I choose the Mandaya tribe because it is one of the successful tribes in the Mindanao. The Mandaya is also "probably the greatest and best tribe in Eastern Mindanao". The Mandaya are also considered by the non-Christians as the oldest and most illustrious of the peoples." Indeed, Mandaya culture continues to amaze and interest many people as it becomes enduring and persevering generation after generation. The term Mandaya means "inhabitants of the uplands". Quite interestingly, areas occupied by the Mandaya in the Pacific Rim are characterized by rugged topography with few plains along the coastal areas (as cited by Ompang, 2011).

Due to political and economic influences, Mandaya tribe has evolved over time with
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Acceptance and respect by the community makes a tribal governance work. In some areas, the elders and leaders approve holding of pangayao to exact justice and revenge. In the hinterlands, the government imposed systems in the lowlands has little effect on their practice of customary laws, however, Mandaya's have to compete with migrants from Luzon and Visayas who were brought by Americans and later, by government programs. Slowly, the ethnic people are being left behind. 2.) Economy Agriculture is the main source of living. Rice, tubers, and other cultigens are cultivated in pawa (swidden) farming) along with bananas, vegetables and root crops. Hunting for wild pig, deer, chicken, monkeys, lizards, birds and other animals complement farming. At an early age, children are taught how to hunt using spears and traps. The Mandaya are freshwater fishing experts. Individual, family and cooperative fishing are done using several methods like traps, stun rods, draining, spearing and also bare hands. Environmental destruction and degradation together with rapid urbanization have drastically reduced hunting and fishing. Trading has tremendously increased and agricultural plantations as Western ownership and economic system dominated Philippine scene. The development of abaca industry during the American time paved the way to cash economy. After the World War II, coconut industry made a breakthrough and is sustained until now. Barter system,

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