The Manager in Organizations and Society Final Knowledge Integration Assignment

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AMBA 610
The Manager in Organizations and Society
Final Knowledge Integration Assignment
Spring I- 2011

Please read all instructions carefully before you begin. Failure to read and understand instructions could result in an unsatisfactory grade on the assignment. If you have questions about the assignment, contact your instructor. Don't wait until the last minute to read the assignment and clarify any questions you might have. If you wait until Saturday or Sunday night, your instructor might not be available to answer your questions at that exact moment.
Include your responses to all issues in ONE document labeled with your last name and "final," -- e.g. "Smithfinal"-- and post in your Assignment Folder no later than midnight
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It has grown from a mom-and-pop operation to a sizeable enterprise: the number of employees has grown from two to 584 in under five years. This rapid growth has brought significant success for TICI, but it has also brought some troublesome problems. In particular, internal information management has suffered due to increased complexity and rising expectations. Some specific problems are: * Insurance policies used to be generated using desktop software. Now, policies are so varied that various versions of forms are warehoused in databanks and selected automatically based upon variables such as the type of claim being generated, the geographical area of the United States that the customer lives in, et cetera. * Triad’s original owners used to keep their own financial books. * Customer claims were handled over the phone. * The national headquarters wants more comparative data from the regional offices.

Each of four regional offices has its own Information Technology staff and manager that reports to the regional manager. TICI's IT director (at the same organizational level as the directors of human resources and customer relationship management divisions) manages a separate IT operation at the headquarters and reports to the Chief of Operations (COO).

Last month, the Chief

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