The Management of Wobbly Wheels Distribution Company Essay

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TO: The Management of Wobbly Wheels Distribution Company
FROM: The CIO Department
DATE: July 1, 2014
SUBJECT:Improving the IT Systems in the Company
In alignment with the new strategies of the company that include:
• Warehouse facilities for customers,
• Improvement and better coordination of pickup and delivery of freight, and
• Tracking of freight
Thenewly created CIO office has analyzed the current systems in the company and has come up with the following improvements to improve the efficiency of the staff, delivery and pickup activities as well as the fleet.
Leadership Style
TheCIO Department has replaced The IT department. The CIO Officer who will be in charge of all IT tasks in the organization will lead the CIO department.
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The dispatcher will also require knowingwhether they will be open at the time the delivery vehicle will reach their premises. In the current system, deliveries were made without information on whether the customers had sufficient loading space. At times,drivers experienced delays due to lack of knowledge of the current traffic data of a certain route.
The route management system will also be linked with the fleet management system to ensure that the system does not assign a vehicle that is undergoing maintenance.
The system will link both pickups and deliveries. Knowledge of pickups, therefore, should be available before a vehicle is dispatched. Once dispatched, any pickups that arise will be assigned to the next vehicle that will be assigned to the given geographical area. This, in contrast to the current system, which was based on trial and error, will improve certainty in the availability for space as well as provide information regarding time for pickups.
The CIO Department will install GPS devices on all the vehicles to enable tracking of the vehicles. The dispatcher will be able to know the routes taken by the vehicles in real time.
In coming up with the order of delivery, the system will compute the time taken to make a trip. The time taken for a trip will be limited to ten hours in compliance with local regulations. The vehicles will then have eight hours resting

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