The Man Without a Memory Essay

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The Man without a Memory


January 27, 2013

The Man without a Memory
Remembering is what a person understands; understanding is only what the person pay’s attention to, and individuals only pay attention to what they want to (Keeley, 1997). Memory brings so much to our lives; whether it's’ contributions are positive or negative. Our memories write, underwrite, and re-tell our lives’ journeys. But what happens when this very luxury or curse is robbed from us? What happens when what is recalled and remembered is chosen for us? After viewing Clive’s story in ‘The Man Without A Memory,’ we are reminded not to take the things we remember, choose to remember, and choose to forget for granted. Within this paper, the
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On the left side of the brain, a small remit of superior temporal lobe is left; everything else is gone on the right side except for some of the left lateral temporal lobe (Vattano et al, 2013). Extensive enlargement of the ventricular system: these are the ant to the horn of the lateral system. Clive’s corpus callosum is smaller, and there is just a little remnant fornix (Vattano et al, 2013).
Clive's loss of memory, despite his lasting memory for his Wife and the Piano
Clive’s loss of memory came from herpes viral encephalitis, which attacked his central nervous system (Vattano et al, 2013). The hippocampus was damaged which prevents short term memory to be transferred into long term memory leaving Clive unable to create lasting memories (Vattano et al, 2013). Clive’s procedural memory was not damaged by the virus which allows him to be able to conduct music and play the piano like he did before the damage, although when he is done he cannot remember what he played and shakes uncontrollably (Vattano et al, 2013). Clive can learn some minor facts by watching a video over and over, and that is because of procedural memory. He will not remember the video but can anticipate parts of video as he is watching it (Vattano et al, 2013). His learning capabilities are limited to what can be learned with the procedural memory; sadly most motor skills are damaged

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