The Man Who Inspired Claude Monte Essay

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Brandon Martinez February 20, 2015 Art History 2D Deborah Pasturel
The Man Who Inspired Claude Monte
The Impressionism movement roughly began around the 1860s in France and was the start of the Modern Art era. This form of art was something new that no artists had created before. Until the Impressionism movement all art had traditional painting styles. Traditional paintings consisted of historical, mythological, or religion figures and the paintings looked more like an image. The Impressionist wanted to create something new and different than the traditional art. At first they were not loved by the public and hated by the art critics. Impressionist artist most commonly painted outdoors and enjoyed the nature of fugitive light falling on surfaces and this play of moving light, as opposed to stationary light, expresses the transcending quality of modernity. Their painting techniques where quite different than that of a traditional artiest. Impressionist used short and fast brush strokes and where the first to start experimenting with color. The ideology of the impressionist artist was they wanted to capture a moment in time making most of their paints looked very unfinished to the eyes of the public in the 1860s, however to the modern day public the impressionist artwork looks magnificent. Most of all, Impressionism is about modernity: its faster pace and various improvements in the quality of…

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