The Man Is A Free Man Essay

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A free man is a free man, and an almost free man is only an almost but never is a free man. This is the keyword of freedom concept. Weather the man is free or not is the subject of this topic. In this particular situation, however, one could agree with Douglass Frederick because he does have the point, but the point is true only as far as the context goes. Unfortunately, in this context a man is still a slave. In this context, it is only almost freedom, but not a true and fulfilling one as the author himself faces it in numerous cases. By saying that “a city slave is almost a free man” , the indication is not necessarily positive but is simply a comparison determined to reveal the horrific situation the humanity laid in. It is, therefore, impossible to agree that in that particular situation the description of a free man applicable in its true meaning.
By reading his narrative, and trying to understand the undergoing through witch Douglass Fredrick and many of his fellows had gone, it is possible for some readers to think that the author wanted to say that the situation in Baltimore was the opposite around Maryland. It is not, however, what the author was communicating by saying this. In fact, one should be ignorant to many evidences and descriptions of the similarity that occurred in Baltimore. Along with many positive occasions, there were those exceptions that stood as the reminder of who the slave was. For example, the rule of feeding the slaves, described by the…

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