Ethical Responsibility: The Man In The Water

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Ethical Responsibility

An ethically responsible person is someone who will always do the correct thing even if it means risking their lives. I believe that the fact that others are too ignorant to actually try to help others is ridiculous and that people are selfish. Being ethically responsible in our time and day is a a very uncommon thing that others sometimes take for granted w/out even thinking about the types of things that person has done to help others. In the article “can the law make us be decent?” by Jay Sterling he believes that the law is not doing enough to try to make the world a better place. In my opinion Sterling has the right ideals because law isn 't doing much on the fact that others are not willing to help others
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In the article Rosenblatt seems to portray the man in the water as an ethically responsible hero by showing that one person can save the lives of others by doing the simple concept of risking his lives in order to help the people around him in the current time. This illustrates that any man can do something in order to save others at the cost of his or her’s life. When I was younger around the age of eight or nine I went to the beach and I Was able to see a person be ethically responsible and save another person’s life, this person was the lifeguard in the station there he saw someone start to flail their arms around and eventually sink he was able to go there pull this person out and save her life. This proves that anybody can be ethically responsible, of course I understand that that is a the life guards job but to risk your well being in order to save someone else is something very brave that most other people cannot do. I now hope you understand that any single person can save another 's life by doing simple actions and being ethically …show more content…
Considering that being ethically responsible means that you will risk you life in order to save someone else means that you do it on your own accord, wouldn’t forcing people to do it make this irrelevant? This example portrays that creating a law to force people to do ethically responsible things would be useless to the actual human nature. In some factors i do agree but the overall ideal of this law would not change, here 's why. From what I have seen most people will eventually start changing their daily lifestyles in order to fit in from the crowd. With this in mind I believe that others would start reforming their lifestyles in order to fit in with the crowd because most people in the world are indeed conformist and would even change their daily habits in order to fit in I now have faith that you will believe the making a law would be helpful for the overall ideals of the United

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