The Man In The Cornfield Short Story

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The man in the cornfield
In a small farming village called Hot Springs there was a boy name Dylan. He was 15 living just with his mother. He helps tend to their crops. He doesn’t go to school. He is very smart for not going to school. It all started one day before the corn need to be harvested. Dylan was washing dishes when he saw something rustling in the cornfield. “What the heck is that!” his mother screamed. Dylan ran outside as fast as he could but, before he could get there the weird object had grabbed his mother. He ran inside and grabbed his gun. Dylan ran into the field like the brave kid he was. He kept running until he got to a spot where all the corn was gone. As he got there the corn started rustling all around him. Dylan who never
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The man's face black and blue. His face was covered in blood and, he had what Dylan thought looked like snake eyes. “I’m only human” the man said. Dylan didn’t know what it was but the man was very familiar. The man started to tell a story. About his father and how he is a father but, he was sent to jail for 3 homicides. He escaped prison in his twelfth year in prison. He ran for miles dodging search parties. He finally came upon what he thought was abandoned house. Barging in the front door there was a man sitting on a chair waiting for him. The man took him and left him in a room with a bunch of rabid dogs. The dogs shredded his clothes and arms. But he escaped through a two story window. He fell and broke his leg. Just as the man finished his story he heard the corn rustling again this time it was the villages officer. “ What’s going on here?” he asked smoothly not even acknowledging his face. “Um, well he did something with my mom. Now I don’t know where she is.” Dylan said quietly. “Ok kid everything's gonna be okay. Just put down the gun.” Said the officer. Dylan looked up and the man was gone. “ What the heck!” Dylan said. All the sudden the man grabbed the officer and hit him in the back of the …show more content…
He looked to his left. There was his mom. “Mom, Mom. Wake up.” He whispered. At that moment his mom sat up and looked right to his eyes and said “What have you done?!” she snarled. Dylan felt like he had just been slapped. He was just trying to help his mother. “What do you mean?” he said very weakly. “Oh you know what. Don’t play dumb with me.” Truthfully Dylan was just trying to help. His mother looked furious. “Mother what have I done?” “You followed me and now look what you done.” “Mother i’m sorry I didn’t kn” “Be quiet child he is coming.” Just as she had said he walked in. “We are finally reunited.” “Mom what does he mean?” The man obviously didn’t like being interrupted so he ended up walking over and hitting Dylan. “As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted we are back here all together. *squeal like a little child* This is so much fun. I assume your mother has told you.” “Stop Darren!” “SHUT UP! I AM SPEAKING! Back to what I was saying was that I assume that you know that i’m your father.” Dylan had just felt like he had been punched right in the stomach. How had he never even asked he never even realized who he was missing in his life and here he

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