The Man I Killed

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How the sense of horror you feel?
There are many countries in the world that have experienced wars, so many people and soldiers have experienced the horrible feelings that wars brought them, this horror is not only massacre,but also the distortion of human nature. In his article “The man I killed,” Tim O’Brien showed us a fantasy about a enemy soldier the author killed and one person’s conversation to make us fear and think. Although someone might think death is unavoidable in war, O’Brien used not only the detailed information of the body but also mental description to make the readers feel horror, which also enables us to rethink the war. Mr.O’Brien used many horrible words to describe the dead man and fantasy about the dead’s life if he
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“His upper lip and teeth were gone, his one eyes was shut...his right cheek was smooth and hairless (Tim O’Brien 172). From the character description, the readers could fell nervous and constrained. “He had been born, maybe, in 1946 in the village of My Khe near the central coastline of Quang Ngai Province...he hoped the American would go away” ( Tim O’Brien 172 173). The author imagined the soldier’s nice life if he has not killed the soldier. In a sense, the author imagined himself to be the dead soldier who is yearning for peace and happiness, but he killed the soldier, at the same time, maybe, he saw his own future. When someone could kill a person who have the similar dream like himself, this must be a horror thing. The butterfly and the blue flowers appeared many times in the article, both of them contrasted with death. Although the soldier died, the life goes on, a person’s life seems so small in the war. The readers would feel horrible because the gap between reality and the imagination is

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