Essay on The Man Awakened From Dreams

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In the studied account of Liu Dapeng life by Henrietta Harrison, The Man Awakened from Dreams takes the reader on a journey through the history of China during the 19th and 20th century through a first-hand account of Dapeng’s writings from the time of 1891 up until his death in 1942. Dapeng was a Confucian scholar and teacher who held onto his Confucian beliefs he had gained during his youth throughout his life while China in retrospect changed drastically. Dapend grew up in the village of Chiqiao located in northern China in Shanxi province. Dapeng 's writings were never published and without Harrison 's discovery Liu Dapeng may have faded away in history unrecognized. Through the analysis of Dapeng’s writings the reader is able to better understand China’s path to modernization and its inability to reach this path through the lens of a poor teacher also has failed to achieve prosperity. This primary account of Dapeng 's life Harrison was able to demonstrate that China was a failed state and its confusion and chaos is best represented in the life of Lin Dapeng a man committed to the ideas of Confucianism. Dapeng’s influence for his written account of his life was attributed to Zeng Guofan, whom he greatly admired. Dapeng took Guofan’s instructions that stated “…write in the formal script. You should include all the sins you have committed during the day... You should continue to write it all your life without any gaps” (Harrison 11). Dapeng transformed his content to…

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